Mallorca rated second best place to live in the World!

There is clearly more to Mallorca than Magaluf and this fact has been recognised by a highly respected report published last week, the Knight Frank lifestyle report, which has ranked Mallorca second to Dubai as one of the best places to live in the World.

The survey ranks destinations according to the quality of their international schools, weather, leisure pursuits, and the availability of quality restaurants. Dubai came out on top, and Mallorca came joint second with Geneva and the Cayman Islands, followed by  Cyprus which came in third.

London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Auckland, Monaco, Madrid and Moscow rounded out the top 10, with the latter three in joint position.

Hong Kong tops the list of best restaurants with 69 Michelin-starred eateries, followed by London and Geneva.

For weather, Nassau in the Bahamas was top of the table with 365 days of sunshine a year, along with the British Virgin Islands.

Entrepreneurs need political stability, ease of travel and good restaurants to entertain clients in.  For these qualities, Auckland was the top choice.  

For an expatriate family, schools, safety, and leisure activities are crucial, with Geneva being the best option.

For a retired couple, quality of life, cost of living and personal security were key motivators. Auckland was the winner across these qualities.

But it appears that when all the factors are taken into account, Mallorca is one of the very best places in the World to live. This will no doubt provide a great boost to the island´s global image, and hopefully to the local economy too!