Building Survey Condition Reports

All our survey reports offer a comprehensive inspection of a property.

Our thorough and detailed condition surveys examine all accessible parts of the property. You can ask to have specific areas included, so it covers any particular concerns you may have about the building. For more info or to discuss a potential purchase, feel free to contact us.

There is no such thing as a perfect survey and if you’re unfamiliar with them, they can be alarming. We flag up serious issues, find out if the situation can be rectified, how much it would cost and what the chances of it happening again would be.

Spanish properties have different challenges to UK ones. Principally, they are often made of concrete and have issues with dampness, poor installations, and enlargement.

Where defects are revealed in the report, this will enable you as the prospective purchaser to carefully consider the suitability of the property for your needs and either revise the offer or withdraw, before being legally committed to purchase.

Our Building Condition Report is a detailed appraisal of the condition of the fabric of the building. The report will advise on the condition and state of repair of the visible parts of the property. It will describe the method of construction where visible, detail any defects which are apparent at the time of inspection and indicate the need for remedying such defects. Areas requiring future maintenance, repair or further inspection will also be highlighted. Proposed alterations should be discussed with the Surveyor prior to inspection.

Our reports vary in size, but usually, run to some 25 pages.

A Building Survey doesn’t include a valuation, but we would be happy to provide this separately if you need one.