Snagging for New Build

New build inspection and snagging

Snagging is the process of inspecting a new property for visible defects in finishing and ensuring that all material qualities promised are provided to an acceptable standard.

A list of items for rectification is drawn up by ourselves which can then be presented by you to the developer for rectification.

The snagging report will usually be issued within 5 working days of the inspection. This should be presented via your lawyers/legal advisors to the developers. Please note our reports are provided in English. If you require a translation into Spanish or Catalan, we can offer this service as well.

There is a lot of pressure on vendors to sign snagging documentation, often in Spanish, provided by the agents or the developers. We always advise our clients not to do this until the property has been checked independently.

These snag list inspections can prove invaluable to a purchaser, as it is a well-known fact of life in Spain that developers can be slow to react to building defect issues once a property is sold, even though they have a legal responsibility to do so. to discuss snagging, feel free to contact us