Matrimonial and Probate

Matrimonial Property Valuations for disputes in Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca 

It is often the case that couples with assets in Spain require a fair and accurate property valuation. Where amicable settlements cannot be achieved, we can provide detailed but concise valuations in line with CPR 35 procedure rules on Matrimonial disputes, either singly or as a jointly instructed expert to advise in any subsequent hearings.

Over the years, we have provided nearly 100 matrimonial valuations reports for homeowners and their legal advisors in the Balearics.

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Probate or Inheritance Tax Valuations in Mallorca, Ibiza or Menorca

A professional valuation is often required of the deceased’s property assets as part of the process to enable probate to be granted. This may involve date specific calculations.   This is necessary even in the property is to be sold or gifted.

As well as providing this valuation we are also able to act on your behalf, if necessary, in any subsequent negotiations with the District Valuer.