Construction and Project Management

Managing a house build in Mallorca

Almost every private developer uses professional managers experienced in construction during the design and/or construction phases of the project. These owners realize the importance of having someone oversee their investment to insure that they receive what they want. Homeowners typically feel that this type of service is reserved for clients with large public and private projects that require the detailed involvement that a project manager can provide. However, the construction of a home is most likely one of the largest investments that private individuals will make in their lifetime.

An individual needs a professional working for them, in their best interest.

A construction manager can advise the owner from conception to completion.From taking and developing a client’s brief, drawings and specifications are prepared and the appropriate consents obtained. Tender and contract advice is given and the appropriate procurement route agreed. Upon receipt of tender prices, these are analysed and reported upon and the contract given to the most suitable contractor. Our initial work would also include the introduction of potential professionals, contractors and materials’ providers. This might include architects, “aparejadores” (quantity surveyors/building engineers), electricians, plumbers, energy and technology specialists, constructors, landscape gardeners, carpenters, decorators etc.

This would help you to establish the full construction team.

In the formulation of the construction contract, we would try to make sure that both the owner an the contractor understand what is to be provided. This important service will often prevent confusion and differences in expectations later on during the construction phase.

Whilst you are away and indeed here in Spain, we can control the pre-development process and construction phases of the development. This would include keeping to pre-planned time & cost schedules. This could also include day-to-day site management and regular report making to you, the clients.

Other services include translation of the specifications, liaising with all relevant parties in your absence and generally acting as your eyes and ears here in Spain.

Our aim as managers is to manage change, avoiding and minimising problems, finishing the project on time and within budget.

Although it is sometimes difficult to see the benefits of having a dedicated agent looking out for your best interest, a small investment towards the proper completion of your new home can repay itself many times by reducing costly extras, unacceptable work, and unnecessary conflict. A complete scope of services from contract negotiation through snagging completion list, averages approximately 2-3% of the home cost and may often be incorporated into the home’s mortgage.

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