Valuations for Mortgage or Loan Purposes

We provide mortgage valuation reports for international and offshore banks, building societies and other lenders in a concise and timely manner, helping to ensure that lenders are fully informed on the subject property’s value & the applicant gets their mortgage application in on time.

Please note our mortgage valuations are carried out for the benefit of the Lending Institution.

Our client base is extensive and we currently offer more detailed reports for lenders in cases of unique or high-value properties.

Our standard reports will include informative information such as location, property description, property size and age, finishes and materials use, condition, environmental issues, tenure, market comparables, etc.

The reports may include if required, extra chapters on market demand, suitability for rent and an indication of future price sustainability.

Please note that most mortgage valuations require an indicative figure to be provided as a reinstatement cost to cover their asset in the event of damage or destruction.

With older or non-conventional properties valuing is an exacting and complex process requiring skilled and experienced practitioners, which we can provide.

If you or your bank require a mortgage or loan valuation please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.