Architecture & Design in Mallorca

Under Spanish law, if you carry out a significant structural project or modify facades, an architect is required, as well as a Spanish-registered Aparejador (more or less equivalent to a quantity surveyor).

You will be requested to provide two projects, one simple and another detailed, as well as providing health and safety documentation. You will also pay architectural fees and local taxes.

The projects will have to comply with local and regional planning laws as well as building regulations. If the property is protected, or in a protected area, or for example close to the sea, it may be necessary to send the project to specialist planning departments, such as “Costas”.

This can all be quite daunting, expensive and technical, so when building, we will recommend “a good fit” architect, who with us, can guide you through each step of the process and give you an informed picture of the planning situation prior to starting works. Although we do not employ architects directly, we have several years of experience in putting together the right team of professionals to see your development or reform carried out with the minimum of fuss – clearly and efficiently. We work with both Spanish and British architects.

Do not be tempted to carry out major works without licences and approval. Cowboy builders will often encourage this and although you may get away with any infringement in the short term, you will often be left with a mess, defective works and planning or legal difficulties which might “bite you back” when you come to sell.

Language, the type of existing building or land, your design required and local connections are elements to consider choosing your architect and aparejador. We can help here.

We can also provide a full translation service of working documents so you are fully in the picture as to what is being build as well as costs.