Market Valuations

With no public database in Spain of sales values, identifying the market value of your property can be very difficult. With 30 years of experience, Property Works can help. We can offer impartial advice, with no conflict, based on years of experience.

Our Market valuation reports provide standard value and descriptive information for various purposes including “Red Book” valuations for a number of purposes including Matrimonial Disputes, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax as well as for secured lending purposes.

Whilst such a report reflects the overall condition of the property it must not be confused with more detailed survey and the homebuyers’ reports.  Our valuations are a snapshot of current market value. We are excellently placed to provide this service in a format you will understand.

The current Market Value (MV) of the freehold interest in the property in usually provided in its existing condition, assuming full vacant possession as at the date of valuation and on the basis of the other assumptions made within the report.