Building Surveys in Mallorca, Ibiza and Spain

We regularly get asked to survey properties in Mallorca, but also cover Menorca and Ibiza, and other areas of Spain. We consider our fees to be competitive, and due to regular flights, we can usually get to anywhere in Spain within hours and at limited extra costs to the client.

When buying a property in Mallorca or the rest of Spain, as much care, if not more, is necessary. It is advisable to appoint an independent lawyer to investigate important legal issues such as tenure, debt and ownership and to ensure the purchase goes through with the minimum of fuss. Our surveyors will assist in the due diligence, often working closely with your legal advisor and always acting exclusively for you as the purchaser.

Having an independent and comprehensive survey in Spain by a RICS member makes good sense and could save you many thousands of pounds in repair bills. To discuss your purchase, feel free to contact us

Our surveys will provide technical information on the property, to supplement the legal investigations and provide you a complete pre-purchase information service to help you make informed decisions prior to buying your Spanish home.

Construction materials and methods are significantly different between Northern European and Mediterranean properties. There are also different types of termites as well as climatic stress damage, for example, with flat roofs and terraces.   Rall fall is often extreme, and an evaluation of rainwater evacuation is necessary.

Local knowledge and experience in construction is our strength.

The cost and type of the survey depend on the size, condition and age of the property.

With regards to the type of survey, a general rule of thumb is that if the house or flat is modern, have a Homebuyer’s Report, if it’s high value, old or large, you’ll need a Building Condition Survey.

In our opinion, the cost of this service is reasonable compared to other purchasing expenses, such as lawyers, agents and finance & taxes.

For guidance, we try, wherever possible, to dispatch our report within five working days of inspection. If you require a summary or key point report, this can be made available almost immediately, but we request you wait until you view the full report before making any purchasing decisions.

We pride ourselves on carrying full Pii cover and a complaints procedure in accordance with RICS guide lines.

You should be aware that a Building Survey is not the same as the valuation report which is generally commissioned by a mortgage lender.