Balearics could produce 100% of its energy needs with photovoltaics on 2% of non protected rustic land.

The Baleares could generate 100% of its electricity demand through renewable energy if it installs solar panels in 2% of nonprotected rural land. This is the main conclusion of the Renewable Energy Plan presented yesterday by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The aim is to encourage the installation of solar power plants,  an activity that generates economy, according to Minister Joaquín García.

By 2020, The Baleares hope to have 20 % renewable energy providing its power supply.

Currently, it only produces approximately 2%. Furthermore, it is the community, along with the Canaries, who pays the most for electricity in Spain.

The energy plan also comments on the fact that by installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings in urban land, it could generate up to 57 % of the electricity demand required by islands.

The objective of the Government is to remove a number of barriers to investment;  technical, administrative and economic including a special financial and tax status for investors in this sector.