Mortgage & Finance

Do you want the mortgage with the best terms and rates possible?

For almost everyone, the answer is yes. However, many people still take the mortgage product offered by their bank without shopping around. When dealing with a bank, you are only negotiating with one lender and only for their limited line-up of products. Even if you have been a long time customer of a bank, it does not mean you will be offered the best rates possible.

We can save you time & money

The choices now available in the Mortgage market is now limited.

You can choose to research the subject, the lenders and their products yourself, or work with Property Works who already has that knowledge.

We have a panel of Lenders from which to recommend a loan. We have become accredited with the Lender to offer their product, and are required to keep up-to-date with their latest offers. We can help find the right loan The best deal is not necessarily the cheapest rate. We will examine your circumstances and future plans to recommend a loan that is right for you. Having an appropriate loan which works for you can help you build wealth.

We don’t charge you

We don’t charge a fee for our service as the Lenders pay us a commission for the loans they make.