New grants available in Mallorca for refurbishment of apartment buildings


The Spanish Ministry of Fomento has designed a grants system for apartment buildings where owners want to carry out refurbishments or improvements, particularly those related to accessibility and energy efficiency. The grants will not exceed a maximum of 6,000 euros per flat, and the total amount of the grant will not exceed € 10,000 per building, nor exceed 30% of the total cost of the works.

With this system, the government seeks to revive the building sector, as well as encouraging energy efficiency of homes.

Among the works included in the scheme are those involving structural works, the building’s roof or facades, upgrades in community installations of electricity, plumbing and telecommunications to conform to new regulations, and fire safety systems. Communities will also be able to request a grant to install solar panels or other renewable energy systems, to optimize the building’s thermal insulation, or to improve the water installation so as to save water. The grants are also aimed to aid communities improve the accessibility of buildings for people with disabilities.

Communities will have a maximum of 14 months to execute the projects after receiving the aid, a period which may be extended to 18 months for buildings of 50 flats or more.