Barcelona’s 16th International Construction Fair opened with optimism for Spain’s economic recovery

The XVII Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP), an international construction fair held at the end of October in the Catalan capital, opened with widespread optimism for Spain’s economic recovery with eyes firmly set on the arrival of foreign capital, especially from China and Russia.

At the opening of the fair, the Secretary of State for Transport and Housing, Rafael Catala, said that in the second quarter, Catalonia had reported a 12% increase in real estate transactions, with a significant increase in foreign investment. “We begin to glimpse a new economic scenario” – he said, adding that he hoped that future editions of the fair would confirm this trend, making true the wish recently expressed by Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, that real estate and construction would “re- occupy an important place” in the Spanish economy .

The Secretary of State, who defended the government’s measures to stimulate the sector and facilitate access to housing, stressed the importance of activities associated with the rehabilitation of homes and improvements in energy efficiency, given that Spain has 6 , 5 million buildings that are over 50 years old.

BMP’s chairman, Enrique Lacalle, himself predicted that this year will be a good one for the “great influx of international funds , which timidly started to come last year and this year are coming in massive quantities” .