Other Mallorca services by our Surveyors

Measurements and Plans

In Mallorca and Spain, We as chartered surveyors, are happy to provide, through our collaborating partners, a quote for hand-drawn or CAD designed plans. This may be for a simple kitchen design, a garden, facades, or detailed site plans. Imagine having a detailed site plan that you know is accurate, sitting on your desk or your computer screen as you start each project. It can be frustrating trying to find the time to measure a property yourself, or trying to decipher an old wrinkled site plan. Property Works provides measuring services, as-built plans, and CAD drafting  quickly, accurately and economically.

Building Specifications

Either directly, or with our associated architects, Property Works Mallorca will happily produce a specification document and set of working drawings to provide sufficient information for a builder to price for and to construct the project. Translations of building documents When living and working abroad, a foreign language can provide a major headache for communication. We have extensive experience of translating documentation relating to a wide range of uses. In the Balearics and Catalonia, we have two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. Our clients turn to us in particular when they need to translate large and challenging projects and texts such as: 1.Planning studies 2.Building specifications 3.Surveys, valuations and snagging documentation 4.Deeds

Disputes and Arbitration Services

Ever-growing pressures in the property business increase the necessity – and difficulty – of maintaining good relationships throughout the supply chain. Our team of experienced senior professionals can help resolve difficulties and keep participants on board and projects on course. We support our clients, and their legal team, in defusing or dealing with potential or actual disputes, if required in the event of conflict.

Expert Witness

We can assist your legal team in fields concerned with professional negligence (valuation, mis-representation, cost management, project management and building surveying), programming and quantum claims for preliminary appraisal, early settlement advice, and help with expert reports and evidence.